guitarist - song writer - producer



Tommy Denander has always been the consummate live player, and I have recently found out that he is the consummate studio guitarist as well!

Excellent and so egoless to work with, great player, great feel and perfectionist too!



(Legendary producer AC/DC, Def Leppard, Foreigner, Shania Twain, Nickelback, Maroon 5)



Tommy Denander is my "mail order" guitar whiz. Whenever I have a particular guitar problem I need solved right away, I send my files through the ether to the land of ice and snow and Tommy pours hot lava on them. He is intuitive and sublimely musical. He's a modern guitar player with enough of a grounding in classic guitar music to make him a Guitar Man For All Seasons!



(Legendary producer KISS, Pink Floyd, Alice Cooper)



Tommy played guitar on more hits than you can count.

His songs are also heard around the world and his ears for spotting new talent are the best around!



(President Atlantic Records,

Michael Jackson Records)



Tommy Denander has tremendous talent in his hands and plays from his heart. He can write songs that make you sing, and plays guitar like a wizard. A great combination!



(Guitarist KISS, Meatloaf, Grand Funk Railroad, Michael Bolton)



Tommy Denander is one of the very best guitarists I know, and truly one of the nicest people I've ever worked with. He has great character, and is very true to his work priorities. If you want to get the best guitar parts on a recording, and get it done fast, Tommy is the man to contact. He's a great friend, and fantastic musician.............



(Original lead singer for Toto)



Tommy D rocks big time!

Any style...anywhere...anytime!

One of the most versatile and articlulate guitarists in the business!.



(Rainbow, Deep Purple)



Tommy's combination of chops and soul is beyond impressive, and he does it all with great timing and an awesome sound. He's also on the cutting edge of guitar technology, raising the bar for intonation and tone. A consummate pro.



Associate Editor, Guitar Player Magazine



Tommy is one of the rarest of musicians, one that has risen above technique, into his own strata of style that is beyond description. What can you say about someone who can play rings around just about everyone except, "WOW!" or "Holy Shit!!!".. I am very honored to be his friend and to get to work with him.



(Guitarist Madonna, Michael Jackson, Richard Marx, Celine Dion)



Tommy is one of the absolutely most talented musicians, songwriters and producers in rock today.



(Singer for Toto)



Tommy Denander is one of the finest players / songwriters / producers I've worked with in my career. A real pleasure.



(Singer for Survivor)



Tommy and I met and his guitar playing was so inspiring we wrote 5 songs in a day. He has a natural sense of song structure and a wealth of good ideas but his phrasing and note choice are a cut above.



(Bassist Styx, Coverdale - Page)



In the few years that I have known him personally and worked with him it's been nothing less than pure energy and and sheer genius! From his playing to his writing and producing he is stream lined and focused. There are only a few people in this world that I have been so fortunate to know over the years that I can say this about..... Thanks to People like Tommy Denander I personally have been uplifted and reunited with the art of song writing and musicianship that rivals the 5 star players of the world... Move over Desmond Child and Mutt Lange... you got company!





I was very moved by the piece that Tommy played in conjunction with Jason Becker. It was a wonderful thing to do, for all the right reasons, and I am very glad to be associated at all with it!



(Guitarist Deep Purple)



Tommy is one of the most well-rounded guitar players I have heard. He has rock, rhythm and soul.



(Session drum legend, Michael Jackson, Barbra Streisand)



Tommy is a hell of a drum programmer, he raised the bar



(Drummer Mr Mister, King Crimson)



Tommy's THE burnin', killer guitar player. He transformed my new project...and he's a nice guy! :-)



(Producer Quincy Jones, Brothers Johnson, Pat Boone)



Recently in Los Angeles, Tommy and I wrote for my new album. He is an incredible talent! His melodic sense is amazing, and he really gets what the 'hook' thing is all about. "I Can't Cry" is easily the best song on the new album, and is a definite hit song!



(Emmy winning song writer and artist)



September 2015


Fall is here and we hope you've had a great summer?


Tommy is staying very busy as always, mostly in the studio right now since he and his fiance are having a baby girl any day now! :)

He will mostly be doing short tours close to Sweden for the next few years because he refuses to miss seeing his daughter grow up.


Tommy is involved in writing and/or producing new albums or singles for Robin Beck, Chris Ousey, Steve Overland, Steve Walsh, Deacon Street Project, Vivaldi Metal Project, BK Morrison, Mathias Melo, Elle Rux, George Shaid and more right now as well as doing plenty of cool guitar sessions we will tell you about soon.


The new release from OZONE is getting top reviews around the world, released by Escape Music.

Tommy wrote half the album and plays guitars and keyboards on it, Mike Slamer produced it.

Don't miss this one.


For a long time Tommy has been working on a 2 hour DVD documentary about his Radioactive project and it will be released early next year to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the project.

It features lots of unseen, cool and rare film material from the recordings as well as interviews with Jeff Porcaro, Mike Porcaro, Steve Porcaro, David Paich, Bobby Kimball, Fergie Frederiksen, Fee Waybill, Jim Peterik, Michael Thompson, Dean Parks, Greg Phillinganes, Vince DiCola, Bob Ezrin and many more.

It has a short piece about Tommy's long career also and here is a short Iphone snippet from the big legend Jerry Greenberg (head of Atlantic Records and Michael Jackson Records) talking about how he and Tommy both worked with Michael Jackson.


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